Private Entrepreneur (PE) Pazharski Yauhen, TIN 191657713, Certificate of state registration 0378339 from 03 January 2013, issued by Minsk City Executive Committee. Address: Taezhnaya 65-2, Minsk, Belarus, 220137.

Service description

Many of modern web sites allows users to get some information and control them via Application Programming Interface (API). I can develop, set up and support software to automatically control such web resources via API.

How to order

Contact me to discuss your requirements and get service cost. To make an order just pay for it in form bellow. Paying for my service means that you fully agree with Customer Agreement.

How much it costs

The cost of the service depends of many factors and must be discussed between you as a Client and me as a Contractor before payment.

How to pay

You sould pay via form bellow before I start to work with you. Be aware that the cost always set in Belorussian Rouble (BYN). Rough rate is 3 BYN for 1 USD. You can pay by plastic card issued by any bank (bePaid) or issued by CIS bank only (Yandex). We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

Result delivery

You will get email with all information after all development was done.


Tel: +375 29 6236109